Vax the Outback

with Ernie Dingo
Hello Country! I’ve had my needles have you had yours?
Join me as I go bush on a big road trip with the BushTV crew. Our first leg is around the Pilbara.

Follow my adventures here and on social media at #vaxtheoutback

We got some catching up to do

Did you know there’s about 12,000 blackfullas living in more than 200 Aboriginal communities in W.A? But not many of us mob have got the needle yet – and that’s a big problem! We could all get sick if this virus spreads.

The Indigenous vaccination rate is just 8% for fully vaccinated people – three times smaller than the state’s total vaccination rate.  W.A currently has the worst gap between the Indigenous and overall rate, rising from 16.5 to 19.1 in a week. My job with #vaxtheoutback is to close this gap so we all get the needle in W.A and protect ourselves and our families and communities.

Join us and follow #VaxtheOutback

You can follow me live on our online map and see where I’ll be and who I’m yarning with by going to our website here. I’ll be bringing my deadly #bushtv crew and trailer and cooking up with you mob. We are working with clinics too so we can all yarn up and get our needles together.

We got a lot of languages and a lot of countries in WA and I want to make sure all of us are protected and safe before this virus heads bush. The rate of Indigenous vaccination must be much higher for our deadly communities to be able to withstand any outbreaks.

If you want me to visit you mob I’ll be online every day on our bushtv facebook and instagram and I’ll do my best to visit you and as many communities as possible.

I’m rolling up my sleeve with you Countrymen! Let’s do this together.

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