Kirrendirri – Lost and Alone

Grounded in Truth – Walk Together with Courage #NRW2019.

To contribute to this years National Reconciliation theme of truth telling we would like to share a massacre story from Western Queensland. Meet Joslin Eatts nee McCabe circa 1936… cantankerous, bittersweet, brilliant and irascible Maiawali elder from Winton!

Joslin’s truth telling and the sharing of her life’s journey is a brave act and a big conversation that we need to start having in Australia.

There’s an ocean of tears in those cobalt eyes. You can see them in there swimming like tiny silver fish trapped in a desert spring. The kettle whistles and a kitten races under the table. ‘I loved my Dad’ she says ‘ He was the best man I ever knew and will ever know’. She holds a picture of him and looks him in the eye. The little fish move and she puffs back on her smoke and somewhere outside a bit of iron is talking to a rafter. We yarn all week and eventually it all comes tumbling out…

Kirrendirri is Joslin Eatt’s story. Produced by Tom Hearn and Pearl Eatts.

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