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Kirrendirri – Lost and Alone

To contribute to this years National Reconciliation theme of truth telling we would like to share a massacre story from Western Queensland. Meet Joslin Eatts nee McCabe circa 1936… cantankerous, bittersweet, brilliant and irascible Maiawali elder from Winton!

The First 11

In May just over 150 years ago in a brief period of freedom before the imposition of the Aboriginal Protection Act, a team of Aboriginal cricketers took their chances and set sail to tour England. They were the first Australian 11. Men of the Jarwadjali,

Good Fortune Comes in Threes

There’s a reason Simpson Yam has a soft reminiscent smile on his face today. He’s part of a team of Olkola men who have just finished building algngga (wet season humpy) right in the middle of town for everyone to see.

Singing Up the Big House

Hazel Barr is happy today. She shares an ancient sugarbag song in a language that is now spoken by only a few. She's happy because the Olkola men of Kowanyama are building a traditonal messmate benched humpy

Meet Our Secret Weapon #bushcamps2019

Meet the secret weapon to our remote men's health #bushcamps2019! Troy is a Ngangkeri (traditional healer) from Central Australia! The aim of our remote men's health culture camps is to give tribal men a culturally safe place for deep healing on country.

Renaissance Men in the Desert

One day two brothers woke up and decided to really do something that would make their elders proud and at the same time create jobs for themselves but they had no idea how successful it would be

Build It And They WIll Come

Father Christmas may be flying across the Simpson Desert with a bunch of skateboards in a few weeks. Nicky Hayes is an Eastern Arrernte man and pro skater on a mission!

Edgar’s Last Spear Kowanyama

Edgar Bendigo knows today may well be his final birthday and certainly his last spear. He’s weak and his hands have lost their power and dexterity but his spirit is still strong.