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Camping on Country Program

BushTV runs a remote camping on country program with a focus on culture and health.

Each month we visit a remote community and run camps which include local leadership and Law men for that country. At the camps we provide a space for local leaders to discuss what health issues they face in their community, what programs are working or not working and we work with the men articulate their ideas for a health program targeted at their own men.

We run a second camp where the program is focus tested and feedback is given to the leaders before we develop the program further. Local health stakeholders and community organisations are engaged and activated and finally we assist the men in identifying and applying for a specific health program grant developed by them for local men in their community.

We partner with health service providers to ensure our camps are safe, healthy and inspiring. Culture, Language and Law play a significant role in our camps and is embedded into our localised health program development.

Check out the short video below from the Kowanyama camp.

Contact us is you would like more information about our camps and check out the Camping on Country website.