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My name is Tom Hearn, and in 2001, I founded BushTV with a vision that would transcend boundaries and ignite change. As an Australian documentary filmmaker and podcaster with Celtic heritage, I embarked on a remarkable journey driven by a deep sense of allyship with First Nations people, and have worked not only in Australia but with other Indigenous peoples around the world.

I have dedicated the past two decades to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the First Nations community. BushTV has become a beacon of hope, a platform that amplifies authentic stories and champions the voices of those who have been marginalised for far too long.

In my quest to be an ally, I have forged profound connections with remote Indigenous People and Organisations, collaborating with them to bring their stories to life. They have entrusted me not only as a skilled storyteller but as someone who genuinely understands and respects their culture. Together, we have built bridges of understanding and empathy, striving for a world where every story is valued, and every culture is celebrated.

People often question whether a non-Indigenous individual can indeed be a part of this sacred space, weaving Indigenous stories with integrity and authenticity. To those sceptics, I invite you to witness the transformative power of allyship by viewing my portfolio. My success in the Indigenous story space results from a unique collaborative approach and a deep commitment to learning, listening, and supporting the First Nations community.

As an ally, I recognise the importance of uplifting Indigenous voices by using my platform to shed light on First Nations peoples’ rich heritage, wisdom, and resilience. I endeavour to create stories that resonate with truth and inspire understanding and foster unity.

Let my story journey serve as a testament that allyship knows no boundaries. Together, we can challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and build a future where Indigenous people and stories are cherished, celebrated, and given the prominence they deserve.

In this shared pursuit of justice, equality, and cultural appreciation, let us unite as allies to First Nations people, embracing the power of storytelling to create a world where diversity thrives, where voices are heard, and where every individual can find their rightful place in the tapestry of humanity.

How I Work

I have worked with clients from the earliest stages of campaign development. I utilise cultural leadership teams across Australia. Our teams are multilingual and offer community-based messaging in specific remote languages. Community-based people are the experts of their community and, as such are an integral part of all campaign development. I also help our clients place their stories on the appropriate platforms.

Why I Work

I believe that culturally aligned localised storytelling is the key to successful communication strategies. A national campaign is a series of localised remote stories in various languages representing the diversity of First Nations peoples across Australia. Put simply my mission is to deliver essential messages in an appropriate manner and ensure the stories are seen and heard and enjoyed by the right audience.

Who I Work With

I help both remote communities and all levels of Government communicate more effectively with each other when they have important messages to share. My cultural leadership teams work collaboratively with clients to develop strategies that deliver key messages and, at the same time authentically assert the principles of inclusion, self-determination and rights, health and well-being and connection to kin, land and culture.











I specialize in cultivating enduring relationships with a select group of esteemed clients, maintaining long-term partnerships rather than engaging in sporadic projects. My expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives and orchestrating impactful campaigns. I possess a diverse skill set encompassing video production, editing, design and print, radio, web, and social media, allowing me to execute multi-channel campaigns seamlessly.

The fruits of my labour are prominently displayed on various platforms, including television, social media, radio, web, extensive email networks, community video and radio hubs. Occasionally, I create content for esteemed national film festivals and conferences, although I seldom rely on funding grants.

Most of my clientele comprises Indigenous-controlled organisations or individuals who entrust me with their projects. Additionally, I often venture into documentary production for television, collaborating with individuals with a unique message and a visionary outlook. Furthermore, I devote my time to volunteering in the hospice space, aiding individuals nearing the end of their lives in sharing their personal stories.

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