An Aboriginal Story and Social Change Agency

BushTV Enterprises is an Aboriginal Story and Social Change Agency registered with Supply Nation. Ernie Dingo is the Chairman and Tom Hearn is the Creative Director. We specialise in remote Aboriginal content and opportunity creation and produce story campaigns for Government, NGO’s, Aboriginal Corporations and Councils. We offer a full suite of digital communications including video, radio, print, design, animation, website and App design and development and also help our clients place their campaigns on local and national Indigenous media and social media platforms.

We also have a social change arm and are launching our first program in 2019. Camping on Country is a mobile Aboriginal outreach service working with Aboriginal Controlled Health Services and remote men’s groups providing remote men with a health and culture camp, grass roots advocacy and local health program development.  Our remote camps provide a comfortable safe space for local leaders to develop their own health programs and a chance for men to share their health story, culture, language and Lore.

How We Work

We work with our clients from the earliest stages of campaign development. We utilise our cultural leadership teams across Australia. Our team is multilingual and we offer community based messaging often in specific remote languages. Community based people are the experts of their own community and as such are an important part of all campaign development. We also help our clients place their stories on the appropriate platforms.

Why We Work

We believe that culturally aligned localised storytelling is the key to successful communication strategies. For us a national campaign is a series of localised remote stories in various languages representing the diversity of First Nations peoples across Australia. Put simply our mission is to deliver important messages in an appropriate manner and ensure the stories are seen and heard and enjoyed by the right audience.

Who We Work With

We help both remote communities and all levels of Government communicate more effectively with each other when they have important messages to share. Our cultural leadership teams work collaboratively with Government to develop startegies that deliver key messages and at the same time authentically asserts the principles of inclusion, self determination and rights, health and well being and connection to kin, land and culture.











We tend to work with the same major clients year in year out. We prefer long-term partnerships rather than one-off jobs. Our expertise is story and campaign-ology. We work across video production, design and print, radio, web and social media in our campaigns. Our work mostly appears on Indigenous TV, social media, radio, web, large email lists, talking posters, community video and radio hubs. Sometimes we make stuff for national film festivals and conferences.

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