WANTED - Remote Documentary Assistant

Do you love telling and sharing stories? Our friends at ICV (Indigenous Community Volunteers) need our help to share their stories and also make some new ones for them. That's where you come in. We just love people and organisations that work hard and Close the Gap! That's why we're helping ICV in 2016. These guys are nothing short of awesome. Last year 200 communities invited ICV to partner with them to achieve their development dreams. That's a lot of closing the gap and a lot of good news stories! Take the 3 Actions below and get yourself involved!

Subscribe to ICV

Young Hunter

Indigenous Community Volunteers’ model of invitation and local empowerment is bringing social and economic impacts and we want you to help us tell the world! Your first assignment is to do your homework. Go to ICV and read up on them, subscribe to their newsletter and like their facebook page. There will be a written test so read up about their ‘approach’

 Share ICV Stories

Kowanyama Project - Uncle Edgar Making Spears

Go to the ICV Story page and read and share your top 5 ICV stories over a week or two. We need to know you have read and shared the stories and understand why ICV projects work. When you share them on your FB or twitter we need you to hashtag them with #ICVworks so we can trace your activity and reward your efforts with the chance to travel on a remote trip with BushTV.

Submit Your Entry

Not everyone likes going bush in a 4WD and meeting awesome people, taking photos and videos and telling stories by campfire for a living… so if that’s not you then maybe don’t take this action. If you’re keen then fill out our Creatives page and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to come along on a fully funded BushTV trip (as a volunteer) documentary maker assistant.

Produced in partnership with ICV. Around Australia, stories of hope, vision and determination prove that community-owned development is transforming lives every day. Each Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community we work with has a story worth sharing.