Journey to Recognition

BushTV is helping produce the digital story campaign for the national Journey to Recognition. Join us as we follow the intrepid 'R' crew biking, running and 4WD'ing their way around Australia spreading the word about the proposed changes to our Constitution. We need to fix the historical exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from Australia's Constitution. And we need to remove discrimination - like the section of our Constitution that says people can be banned from voting based on race.

Watch the Stories

Come with us around Australia and share the  Journey to Recognition stories as the ‘R’ crew track around our vast country spreading the Recognise word. Here’s some recent stories on on our Vimeo Channel

 Follow the Journey

Follow us and the R crew on facebook and twitter and join in the conversation. Share our Journey to Recognition stories with family and friends.  You can also view the Recognise stories on NITV our platform partner.

Join the Movement

Join the national movement to enshrine First Australian’s in our Constitution. To find out more about the Journey to Recognition visit the Recognise website.

Produced in partnership with Recognise – Recognise is the people’s movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution.