Win a Canon 5dMkIII!

Are you interested in creating social change with your creativity? Watch this video and find out more!

Do Your Homework

Get up to speed with Generation One/ASPA’s CREATivE CHANGE competition. You need to be as passionate about ending indigenous disparity as we are!

Become a BushTV Creative

When you’ve read up, apply to become a BushTV Creative and show us your portfolio. You can download the contest brief here with all the instructions you’ll need.

Produce and Upload Video

Once you’re done your video, send it to Generation One and let us know. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To carry out this assignment, you need to do and agree to the following:
  1. Act as an individual representing yourself (not as a Bushtv employee)
  2. Have your own video gear and perform the 3 Actions above
  3. Go through any school protocols such as Blue Card etc.
  4. Contact ASPA for direct school reps contacts at your local school.
  5. Produce and edit the video and upload.
  6. Keep high res version in case you win and are broadcast on TV
  7. Love making and sharing videos
  8. Uploading of images and any video you get
  9. Understand that you own copyright of your video but you license BushTV and Generation One to use it for broadcast, promotional and non-commercial activity.