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Wanted: Photographer

Calling all music photographers!! Here's your chance to travel to Darwin and shoot the prestigious National Indigenous Music Awards, as part of a BushTV assignment!

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Competition closed on July 14th 2012

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It’s that time of the year again to celebrate some of Australia’s best Indigenous musicians! This year is different though. We want ONE OF YOU to go up to Darwin on behalf of the BushTV community to represent and take photos, to do interviews then share your amazing experience with all of us.

Remember our stories from last year? The yarn with Dan the Sultan of swing or the amazing and talented Blue King Brown who talked about their rare collaboration with Gurrumul on Gathu Mawula Revisited?

To carry out the assignment, you need the following:

  1. A half decent camera
  2. A deep love of music and photography
  3. Knowledge of the NIMA’s from your deep and deadly research on the awards… and the fact you have liked the NIMA facebook page and are ready to share your experience with the world.
  4. Enough confidence to interview musicians and get great pics from the pit and back stage.
  5. Social media savvy so you can campaign the heck out of your excellent outback adventure.
  6. Be over 18
  7. Love the festival vibe and mixing it up
  8. Uploading of images and any video you get
  9. Understand that you own copyright of your images but you allow BushTV to use them for promotional and non-commercial activity.
  10. It would also help if you like the movie Almost Famous and know what ….on the cover of Rolling Stone means!

That’s about it!