Did you know on this day 45 years ago the Aboriginal flag designed by Harold Thomas was first flown in Adelaide on National Aborigines Day? We acknowledge Harold's superb design and his profound contribtuion to the First People. Share your most notable flag flying 'moment in time' with us on social media and join National Congress in 2016 by taking the #yesnationalcongress Actions below. Together we can make a difference!

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Now more than ever First Australian’s need a national voice! Funding for our peak body National Congress has been cut at a critical time in our Nation’s history. National Congress was set up to be the voice of First Peoples and without it critical policy and funding decisions are made by Government without consultation. History tells us this ‘top down’ approach fails every time.  You can help!  Become a Friend of Congress and advocate with us by signing our Redfern Statement petition and watch and share our special Aboriginal Flag Anniversary Video here. Thanks, Rod Little  Co-Chair National Congress.

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If you like the idea of investing in social change please donate. We need to do our vital advocacy work, among other things the current process of Constitutional Reform. Join in the conversation on our facebook and twitter. Don’t forget to sign our Redfern Statement petitiona and watch and share our special Barunga Anniversary Video.In Unity, Dr Jackie Huggins Co-Chair National 

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Now you have signed up as either a member or a Friend of Congressmob and liked Congresses facebook and twitter you can take your social activism and comittment to equality one step further. By donating to Congress – or if you like the idea of flying the flag by campaigning and writing blogs, sharing and conversing on social media, taking photos and making videos at various events then why not sign up as a Creative at BushTV? Join our inner circle of advocates by working on the #yesnationalcongress campaign to help save National Congress? Become a Creative today!