The Weavers Project

In 2014 BushTV is working strategically with various remote Art Centres. This is a pilot social enterprise project funded by BushTV. 100% of profits goes towards the artists, the Art Centres and helping us develop a sustainable marketing platform for remote artists to tap into the digital economy.

Milingimbi Island (Yurruwi) is the largest island of the Crocodile Islands group off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia.

The featured women are all exceptional fibre artists, working mostly with pandunas and stringy bark and natural roots dyes. We want to help them find new markets using social media and great storytelling. Come inside and meet the artists, read their stories, and buy their work. Don't forget to come and visit these artists and many more at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair in August 2014

Although many of the images and videos have been supplied by the Milingimbi Art Centre they are not be used without permission.

Meet the women


Browse through the women’s profiles and view their work and read about their extraordinary lives and stories. Watch our video about balancing two worlds. The stories behind the artists reveal a group of powerful women who we are very proud to be working with through their community owned Milingimbi Art Centre.

Read their stories


It’s the stories behind these humble artist’s that motivates and inspires me to develop equitable social enterprise opportunities. For me nothing encapsulates the spirit of this humble journey more than a great story and Laurie Baymarrwangga life’s journey. It’s an honour to showcase her story and weaving work.

Buy their work


Browse through the shop and view some of the women’s extraordinary work. We are selling their work as ‘collections’ and each piece comes with an Authenticity Certificate and artist profile. The women are paid professional fees and control their own Art Centre.