Wanted: Stories for Recognition Arts Project

We need stories and art about Recognition. Using the medium of your choice, simply answer this question: What does Recognition mean to you? The only rule is that your creation must have the word RECOGNITION in it. Publish it online and then share the LINK with us at our facebook event. You could win major $$$CASH or a trip to Arnhem Land to help BushTV make a documentary at the Garma Festival.

Join the conversation

Join Recognise by becoming a supporter. Then read up on the Recognise conversation and join their Facebook as this is where we will be sharing your content. Follow the Journey to Recognition events. Do your homework and when you’re ready, advance onto the next action.

Join the BushTV crew

Now you’re ready to sign up and become a BushTV Crew member – if you’re not already. You’ll get all the goss, free stuff, and the latest news from BushTV and we can give you artwork a plug and promote and recognise your creativity in a large awesome public arena. We all deserve a bit of recognition and our platforms are for the people!

Produce Campaign Stories

Now you’re ready to create and share your masterpiece with the Recognition Art Project! Remember your work has to have the word RECOGNITION in it and it can be a song, video, design, photo blog, poem, performance or painting. I must be your own work and uploaded onto the internet. Then you can share ‘the link’ here at our Recognition Art Project event and get your friends to love it heaps!