BORROLOOLA Stories From the Heart

BushTV Enterprises is an Aboriginal owned media company and delivers Government and community messages in a culturally appropriate way and provides jobs on the ground in remote communities. With over 15 years grassroots experience BushTV’s award winning approach delivers Indigenous stories that are on message and also popular in community. Ernie Dingo’s personal involvement provides high level strategic cultural input but also inspiring mentorship. Enjoy Borroloola - Stories From the Heart!

Watch the Stories

Come with us and stay awhile in Borroloola. Watch some of our stories and meet the elders and amazing people that live and work in this Gulf town. Borroloola is a great place to live and work! Keep an eye out for them on ICTV available in 90% of remote Indigenous communities and also on our Facebook and youtube channel

Learn About Culture

Borroloola is home to four main language groups; Yanyuwa, Garrawa, Marra and Gurdanji. Waralungku artists are producing some of the most exciting contemporary work coming out of Australia. Watch the Art Story here. They have a unique voice and unique style. Follow our artists and visit us when the famous Malandarri Dance Festival is on in June .

Sea Rangers

Our country is very beautiful but also powerful and fragile. With more and more visitors coming every year we worry about our land and sea and the people who travel over it. We welcome you to join us respectfully on country. Watch our Ranger Story here. This is why we set up li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger Unit. 

Produced in partnership with Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Association