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BushTV Enterprises is an award winning Aboriginal media company owned by Ernie Dingo and Tom Hearn. BushTV is registered with Supply Nation and has offices in Darwin, Perth and Rockhampton. BushTV won the Queensland Government’s Reconciliation Award for its media work training and employing over 100 remote Indigenous people instrategic community based story production. Ernie Dingo’s commitment to the media industry and mentoring young Aboriginal people combined with Tom Hearn’s film making and business skills lies at the heart of BushTV’s success.

BushTV is a social change agency working with the not for profit sector creating impactful universal stories and documentaries, branded and messaged media and marketing content for our clients who are mostly based in Australia. We produce award winning stories and are leaders in specialised campaign storytelling. We produce exciting content and broker broadcast deals for our clients who also broadcast the content on their websites and social media sites which help  create active online communities. We are particularly good at storytelling creating communities of caring, active social citizens. We use our passion and our creative powers for good like our recent digital series Untold Stories for Recognise appearing on the ABC below.

Click on the image to go through and view this digital series

Click on the image to go through and view this digital series

We use social media to create campaigns that work for our corporate clients and stimulate social, cultural and economic growth in regional Australia like this campaign  we did for Kowanyama helping raise 7 million dollars for a new cultural and research building. j kow projectWe advocate and campaign on issues in partnership with organizations that are making a difference in the world, but who are often too busy making the world a better place and have limited time and budgets. We also work with clients on their own campaigns such as the launch of a new product or brand, rebranding a corporation or business, or helping out a regional Government Agency or NGO touch base with their constituency and increase their donations.  We also work with Government on launching new policy frameworks and programs in regional and remote Australia. Our work has both social and economic value for our clients, it provides meaning and context and was awarded the Queensland Government’s Reconciliation Award. Increasingly we are proud to be involved in commercial work and have started actively working with industry and corporate leaders on specialized community storytelling projects and the creation of online communities and active social media groups and movements. We especially enjoy helping our corporate clients with external strategic communications solutions. Most recently we are producing loads of great stories (branded content for our clients) and placing these stories on their social media networks and also TV networks. Our motto is….Why make boring TV commercials and videos that nobody watches when you can tell a great story and share it with your own community. Contact tom (at) bushtv.com.au to have a yarn about your story needs.


We love social media and using it to drive our various campaigns. We strategically market and campaign for a wide variety of people, places and projects. We help young people achieve their goals, we help inspiring leaders and thought innovators in the community and corporate stakeholders articulate their vision to their community. Our campaigns happen every month normally over a short intense period. We campaign for the capacity builders and social change agents in our community. This is when and where and why we live and travel to regional and remote places and produce and publish our special stories. Below is a crowdfunding campaign we did to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and also increased their social media community. Click on the image below to see how this campaign worked.

We campaign for our clients and help them do what they do best. Last year we raised 5k for the Literacy Foundation and raised awareness about their important work at the smae time. Making money for your client and marketing them at the same time = love all round!

We campaign for our clients and help them do what they do best. Last year we raised 5k for the Literacy Foundation and raised awareness about their important work at the smae time. Making money for your client and marketing them at the same time = love all round!

We find both corporate and government partners who have a desire to work with us on strategic storytelling and campaigning. In return for corporate investment we bring lots of positive social media attention to them. We show the world how much they care about certain issues. That they are interested in contributing to the world. That they are more than their bottom line. That they are concerned citizens just like us and the Organizations we work with. Some people call this philanthropy or sponsorship. We call it social aligning. It works ‘real good’ for everyone!


We crowdsource and work with over 80 quality freelance Creatives across Australia all specialising in something we need to make our clients sing with joy! If you’re a Creative join us today if you like the idea of creative work in remote places in culturally stimulating environments. Our community is made up of creative people who care about equality, people and our planet. We like telling and sharing stories that move us and motivate us. We come from all over Australia and sometimes from over the seas. We are Indigenous and non-Indigenous. We like learning and sharing our skills with others and building capacity in the community. Our work is collaborative and communal. Our content is often crowd sourced and grass roots and includes a bottom up philosophy. We like social media because it democratizes the world. We think you’re only as good as your last story and that humans crave and respond to good stories. With stories we like to listen to ‘who’ and ‘what’ is talking… not just the words that are been spoken. If you’re a potential client check out latest work on our youtube channel, or join our facebook community or follow our yarns on twitter.


BushTV projects and products are available to license for a variety of uses, including broadcast, web, mobile, educational and physical exhibitions. If you operate in the Indigenous space and need content for your free to air or CCTV network or have online sites and publishing needs we own many hours of stock footage and finished Indigenous programming and content. We also have a library of images and music all available for licensing. For licensing enquires please contact tom [at] bushtv.com.au

Tom - Storm Chaser

Tom – Storm Chaser


Tom Hearn is the Founder of BushTV and likes walking around in storms and taking photos. He remains at the forefront of all of BushTV’s broadcast and higher-end corporate production work. Tom has a Master of Arts in Documentary and is a prizewinning filmmaker, photographer and published writer. Tom’s passion for social equity and culture and the environment is matched by his passion for storytelling. His work has appeared on TV channels across the world, in magazines and books and more recently and most often on various client’s social media platforms! Contact Tom directly tom at bushtv.com.au Connect with Tom on LinkedIn