Stories or Origin

Firstly…thanks for your support and being a part of a little community that could!

And thanks to your valued liking and sharing, and commenting and subscribing and donating, I have been able to produce hundreds of stories about hundreds of amazing people for clients and broadcasters all around Australia!


Ironically the story of origin (or why I started BushTV) is probably the only reason you are reading this and why BushTV has survived so long.

I think it’s our story of origin that matters most. Who are we and where are we from?

Even if you didn’t know the little story below you may have sensed the meaning and feeling behind the stories and liked BushTV simply because of that.

12 years ago I got sick of the negative stereotypes on television and radio.

If there was a black face in the media it was inevitably a news story about a drunk or a pedophile or a wife basher. It was ALL negative.

With Aunty Joslin who gave me something unexpected – the passion to keep digging deeper with my storytelling

So about a decade ago I started producing 60 second positive TV segments called the Murri Minute  and buying airtime and placing these stories like ads on TV and before you knew it this turned into BushTV with a community of supporters …. and  then businesses and agencies and people with exciting projects and crazy dreams started contacting me and giving me money to make stories for them…and that model continues to this day in various forms.

It all started from wanting to make the world a better place and that’s still my driving passion. Any success I have had has come because money was not the driving factor. It was always the crazy social change maker, or project dreamer, or maverick government worker who needed a story to be told and a platform that would play it that kept me going.

If you are a storyteller you become like a water diviner walking around the paddock and the stories you have made  seem to ‘divine others’ who need a story to be told. It’s a bit like the way iTunes ‘recommends’ other musicians when you buy from their shop with suggestions like Other people have bought…and before you know it you’re a genius discovering great new music to impress your friends and spending your change on music!

Most recently I have been producing stories for the Recognise campaign for NITV and ABC  and social media platforms.

Our nation’s story of  origin is complex and I have mixed emotions about how we have (and how we continue to tell) this story.  So much work needs to be done in this area and constitutional recognition is an important conversation that demands our attention.  Making stories about why this is important comes naturally and easily because First Australian’s have contributed so much well before white fella’s got here, and in spite of the horrific conflict and violence in the frontier times, have continued to be a major part of building Australia.

People need stories not adverts. Passive armchair audiences have become engaged online communities. Consumers have become passionate content creators and loyal brand champions. Increasingly brands are treating their customers as important clients who like consuming and engaging with content that is meaningful and resonates enough for them to care and share – and even recommend certain products and services and messages to their networks.

People need and demand meaning and stories that matter…something that can reach out and touch them and propel them into action. If you’re a storyteller or aspiring to become one there’s really only two things you need to know. Know that you can go to the best film school and have the most expenisive gear…. but if you don’t have empathy and integrity inside yourself and your story… no one will care.

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5 Responses to Stories or Origin

  1. Tom,
    Your amazing, I like what you’ve started, from Murri Minute to BushTV and what you have done that encouraged people to read and interacted in/with your work, I’d like to think you have a big interest from the younger generation in your work that encouraged them to find out about their past history. I know you’ve got a lot of ground to cover yet, and hope you succeed with the more encounters to come. I just finish watching a documentary on China, and what they’ve encountered and achieved over the years is amazing. All countries should follow a part of their culture.
    I wish you all the best in your future search, and take care 🙂


  2. Thankyou so much Tom for sharing your journey with me. I found it very interesting and could relate to your thinking. Cultural History is very important and when portrayed in a positive way instead of a negative way, becomes even more interesting, engaging and remarkable. Good luck with your continuing journey in the future.

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