WW 1

Over 1000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders fought for Australia in World War 1. They rode in the Light Horse: they climbed the slopes of Gallipoli – they fought and died in the trenches on the Western Front.

But their first battle was fought well before they left the shores of Australia. Their first battle was simply to get a chance to serve their country.

Untold Stories is finally here and we’re on the ABC as of this week! Thanks to our sponsors at Recognise and of course our platform partners at the ABC.

The ABC have an exclusive run of Untold Stories that include stunning 3 minute video stories narrated by Ernie Dingo on TV, radio and online. To kick things off during NAIDOC here’s a first look at a WW 1 story we finished last week.

This story was made possible by our Project Partners at the FBEC Rockhampton. Thanks so much to Mel Lawton and her entire team and of course the elders.

Have a solid NAIDOC wherever you are!

Regards Tom

Thanks so much to our major sponsor Recognise
Thanks to our project partner Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee

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