Behind the Scenes : Borroloola Trip

BushTV ImageHey BushTV crew I wanted to write a little story about my current road trip and time here in Borroloola and share some pics from the road with you. I drove from Rocky last week and stopped in at Barcaldine to see friends and develop a youth arts project called BARCIE ZOMBIE ROADKILL MOVIE. We had our meeting at the Barcie drags! Thanks to young local Broodie who came along with me and is helping out on this project.

Then I stopped in Longreach to visit my writer mate Bruce Honeywill who has just finished his first novel Insurrection which you can buy here, great read if you love the outback! A powerful and universal story of the tragedy when traditional cultures meet the might of the mining industry.


Next stop was Winton with more yarning this time with Joslin and Pearl getting ready for the Vision Splendid Film Festival. Big thanks to the Boulder Opal Motor Inn who put me up!

Next up I overnighted in Mt Isa and ended hitting a big roo just before Barkley Homestead which took out my front end and left hand light. I realised driving early morning in the dark isn’t a smart move with so much stock on the road!

Now I’m in Borroloola making new friends at the Borroloola Art Centre  called Waralungku and am developing a project that I’ll share with you soon.

I spent last night camping out in the Lost City in Carinbirrini shooting video star lapses. Pic is of me and Miriam (from the Art Centre) a keen local photographer who I went out on country with.


Finished up with campfire then bush walk by moonlight and found a sandstone overhang where the old people camped for thousands of years…some handprints on the walls with old stone tools scattered… a tranquil happy place with thousands of years of kids playing and mums and dads making tracks just living life in the bush…

Hope you’re having a good Sunday!





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